Heavy Metals out now on Easy Pieces

Digital / June 2013
CD / September 2013

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All tracks by Diogo Tudela
Mixed by Diogo Tudela and José Alberto Gomes
Mastered by José Alberto Gomes / Blac Koyote
Cover photo by Cláudia Fernandes

Tar Feather is a portuguese leftfield project responsible for an obtuse approximation to house and techno music, producing tracks that involve orthodox dance music in a cocoon of muddy drones and crackled drums.

Heavy Metals is Tar Feather's debut album, written and recorded between 2010 and 2012, and released on Easy Pieces in 2013.

As its main objective, Heavy Metals undertakes a rather unsatisfactory approach to dance music in its general form, since the applicability of this set of tracks in a dance-floor context is practically inexistent.

Despite being recognizable, its resemblance to techno, house or dubstep is far from turning it into a functional tool box; making kicks, hi-hats, snares and bass lines more colloquial than necessary.

As such, the whole album denotes an exterior and distant perspective on club music burying its traditional components, in crackle, howlings and various bric-à-brac.